One thing I’ve noticed today is the difference between the Democratic Party at large and “Clinton loyalists,” that is those people whose status comes from their Clinton ties and who would be diminished in the event that Hillary were to lose (Terry McAullife, Lanny Davis, etc.) If you pay attention, I think you can see the difference between the two pretty noticeably today. Carl Levin for example, despite one of the most adamant advocations for seating the delegates, got testy with Harold Ickes to the point of even acknowledging the results of the Michigan primary were “flawed,” and essentially convenying that Levin does not support allocating delegates based on the primary. Bill Nelson, also quite fervent in seating the Florida delegates differentiated himself from the Clinton campaign in the exchange with Lanny cited earlier.

All in all, I think this signals one clear thing; regardless of the outcomes today, and even in regards to nominal Clinton supporters like Nelson, the very real likelihood that Obama is the nominee is ruling the day, and adustments are being made.