More on McCain and Iran

Yglesias lays it out there:

But of course it’s not. McCain and McCain’s allies in the world of neoconservative punditry have deliberately created the entirely false notion that Ahmadenijad runs Iranian foreign policy. One point I’ve been making in my book-related appearances is that it’s not a coincidence that the preventive war crowd told a lot of whoppers about Iraq before the war and is telling a lot of whoppers about Iran now — the right knows that contrary to the prevailing conventional wisdom, there’s just no evidence that the American people are deep down yearning for senseless violence and imperial adventurism.

Which is of course entirely true. Ahmadinejad has no real impact in Iran, and any he does have at this point is derived almost entirely from our posturing against him. We’ve created the Ahmadinejad boogeyman solely for the purpose of creating a scary marketing tool.