More Liebermann

Defends Bush’s comments at the Knesset, in stark contrast to the overwhelming reaction of the Democratic Party:

“President Bush got it exactly right today when he warned about the threat of Iran and its terrorist proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah.  It is imperative that we reject the flawed and naïve thinking that denies or dismisses the words of extremists and terrorists when they shout “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” and that holds that—if only we were to sit down and negotiate with these killers—they would cease to threaten us.  It is critical to our national security that our commander-in-chief is able to distinguish between America’s friends and America’s enemies, and not confuse the two.”

Is there any way Democrats can honor his seniority in the next Congress? And what exactlymust he have been promised by McCain to go so far out on a limb?