More Ferraro

If you’re like me, you’ve got car-wreck syndrome for all things Ferraro. But even if you don’t, this article from Hilzoy is still an exceptionally good read.

The general conclusion and straight forward, Ferraro’s comments simply make no sense if they really have nothing to do with race. Where exactly does the “distrust” of Obama amongst “Reagan Democrats” come from if we’re to believe, as Ferraro would have us, that nothing Obama does or says, that none of his positions on the issues, or any other traditional metric we would use for juding political candidates can have any effect on their opinion of him (and the Ivy League garbage makes no sense, with Bill and Hillary Clinton both having well known backgrounds in “elite” education).

I think there’s a more subtle tip in Ferraro’s latest outburst though, one that has gona remarked on but, in my opinion, fundamentally misunderstood; Ferraro’s distinction between racism and “racial resentment.” Let’s just put it out there; this isn’t some honest appraisal of the so-called Reagan Democrats, it’s a projection of her own opinions. She harbors racial resentment, not because she’s a racist necessarily, but because she thinks there’s been a disproportionate concern for racism over her concern for sexism in society. The reasons for that are obvious and much expounded on, I’m merely offering up my own theory for the distinctions as they relate to Ferraro’s own, clear, state of mind and deep seeded biases.

Anyway, any bets on when the next Ferraro-tainment will be?