More Clinton Standards

So I saw Terry McAullife’s brilliant new notion that Hillary has won more delegates since March 4th (which is to say after about 80% of the contest was over), but I just saw Laura Ingrham and Lanny! backslapping on Fox (no CNN for Lanny this time), with even more inane standards. To wit, Ingrham asserts Clinton would be leading under the Republican’s nomination rules, and Lanny asserts she’d be winning under the electoral college system.

Well they’re both right of course, but what exactly is the point of sitting around and saying that if the rules weren’t the rules and you scored the contest a different way the loser would be winning? If the World Series was won by the team who got the largest cumulative score over 7 games, the Yankees win by a blowout in 1967. But that’s not how it works, is it?