Michael Calderone  at Politico has a bit on Lanny Davis complaining about CNN Tuesday night.

While we (I) do strive to be fair around here, I’m not one to pull punches with people like Lanny, so I’ll call it what it is…he’s a petulant brat. He hasn’t come to grips with the fact that Clinton (he) lost, and he’s lashing out looking for someone to blame much like Carville (and that comes tempered, in as much as I like Carville). The nitpicking about “pledged delegates” is a perfect example, he’s technically correct (the rules do not distinguish between pledged and superdelegates) but such is colloquial speech. That has become an accepted terminology across the board, with everyone from Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi to anonymous bloggers across the internet making the distinction, so to complain about it is, well, petulant.

Take another deep breath Lanny, maybe take a vacation or move to France or something. But for heaven’s sake stop embarrassing yourself. Believe me, you (and Carville) are certainly only hurting Sen. Clinton with these antics.