Jed Breaks Down the Mischief Voters

A very read-worthy dissection of the Republican effect on the Indiana primary, complete with this breakdown of Obama and white voters:

Thus, excluding McCain meddlers, Clinton won among white voters 58% to 42%. That 16-point margin is significant, but it’s also 4 points smaller than her 20-point 60%-40% lead when McCain meddlers are included.

Also, the 16-point margin is almost half that of the 30-point margin in Ohio, suggesting that the whole narrative about Obama losing support among whites is completely false. In fact, Obama is making significant progress.

The same pattern holds true in North Carolina. Including McCain meddlers, Clinton won by 24 points among white voters, 61%-37%. After excluding McCain meddlers, she still leads, but her margin shrinks to 18 points, 58%-40% — also much closer than in Ohio.

She also only carried female voters by 6%, which seems noteworthy enough

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