In Case You Missed It

Because I almost did, but apparently Jonah Goldberg caused a bit of a mini-apocalypse in some right wing circles suggesting McCain nominate a “conservative Democrat” as his VP.

Now without delving fully into my low opinion of Goldberg (which is about as low as it comes), one glaringly obvious bit of nonsense strikes me as something that should have tipped the fact checkers at NRO (then again there might not be fact checkers at NRO) in this:

The benefit for Republicans might be substantial. The party could rightly claim to have the bigger tent and the stronger commitment to serious reform. And for movement conservatives, the next four years could be a time for much-needed rebuilding. Obviously, a Joe Lieberman or Sam Nunn would not be the presumptive front-runner for the GOP nomination in 2012. And the lack of an heir apparent would encourage a healthy and vigorous debate for the future of the party.

Now, any agreements, disagreements, pointing and laughing, or whatever aside, one would think that the fact that SAM NUNN HAS ENDORSED BARACK OBAMA might tip Jonah Goldberg off to the idea that Sam Nunn is not going to be John McCain’s running mate.

But that’s the problem with Jonah and reality, namely that he doesn’t grasp the concept.