I’m finally up with my piece on the role of gender, or more precisely sexism, and the Democratic campaign.

While I would certainly cede that Sen. Clinton has lost a few votes on the basis of some voters being unwilling to vote for a woman (although Obama has undeniably lost some voters on the basis of race), and wouldn’t argue that there are blatant sexists like Chris Matthews in media, that is hardly the same as saying that there is a grand, sexist, design that doomed Hillary. What doomed Hillary is simple; bad campaigning. Her campaign was ill prepared for the race that emerged, they were out of step with what voters wanted, and they had no answer to Obama’s skill and appeal. And not even loyalty to the Clinton brand, nor deference from a media loathe to bet against the Clintons they’d been burnt betting against time and time again, was enough to overcome that after it was already too late.

Full piece here.

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