Fox News Democrats

Is there anything more annoying than the house Democrats on Fox? Take this from the grand poobah, Mort Kondracke, today:

Yet, it’s Clinton who has received the big “Aha!” with the “assassination” flap, and it’s hard not to conclude that Obama’s media claque wants her not to do further damage to its chosen candidate’s chances of winning the election.

Every time she beats Obama by double digits in a primary, every time exit polls show that white working class or Hispanic voters are reluctant to vote for him and every time she comes nearer to winning the Democratic popular vote, the more doubt there is that he can beat Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

The problem with this, like pretty much all other Fox glad-handing, is that even if it sounds good, when you interject reality into it it doesn’t hold water. In other words, the notion that “the media” want to diminish Hillary so she can’t rack up more big wins might have worked on May 1st or so, but it doesn’t make any sense from the moment of RFK-gate onward because there are only 3 contests left, and Obama is favored in 2 of them.

But hey, it gets ya face time on Fox.