Ezra Doesn’t Like Webb

Not exactly news, and it’s mostly because of his newcomerness:

But to expand slightly on a point she makes, James Webb has been a Democrat for about 30 minutes. A decade or so ago, his gender politics were, to say the least, retrograde, and his outlook was still shot through with anger at the dirty fucking hippies who had turned on his comrades in the military. I have more respect for that position coming from a veteran like Webb than I do from a chickenhawk like Cheney, but it still speaks of certain tensions he’s got with portions of the party. Additionally, Webb has also endorsed some of the Vietnam, stab-in-the-back revisionism that’s come out over the past few years, opposed Clinton for being too soft China during the 1990s, and In 2000, endorsed George Allen for the Senate.

Not to advocate too much, but isn’t that kind of the point of post-partisanship? Granted that’s not exactly important to left partisans, understanably.

I do understand the criticisms of Webb, and it really underscores the point that no one’s perfect. We could put 10 well informed people in a room with 10 VP preferences, and all of us could make arguments for our guy and against everyone else’s, and all be fundamentally correct. 2 things about Webb do stand out though; he has a Republican leaning Senate seat which wouldn’t be wise to jeopardize, and he’s an independent minded person who wouldn’t necessarily do well taking orders. I would imagine that could be handled, as well as his lack of campaign abilities, but I do understand it. Which is why other factors come into play, and there are other candidates who could have much the same effect. Sam Nunn would be a very good candidate to re-enforce Obama’s selling points, a “conservative Democrat” who has opposed the Gulf War and the Iraq War from the start isn’t easy to come by.

To make a long story short, the general point is that there’s no “right answer” in the Veepstakes, so long as you pick someone who can re-enforce you as the top of the ticket and/or bring his home state along.