Ellen Malcolm Likes Obama

Maybe begrudgingly, but the general point is still there:

Clinton advisers concede that after the emotion of the primary season fades, even many Hillary supporters who told exit pollsters they’d never vote for Obama will get behind him. “Once the nomination is decided, the people who were supporting the losing candidate will go through a process of anger and grief and very quickly come back to the main focus, which is to put a Democrat in the White House,” says Ellen Malcolm, a co-chair of the Clinton campaign. Malcolm, founder of EMILY’s List, an advocacy group that raises millions of dollars for Democratic women candidates, is still in the anger and grief stage. Last week she rebuked NARAL, saying the Obama endorsement was “tremendously disrespectful” to Clinton. Yet already even she is coming around to the possibility of backing Obama: “If he’s the nominee I will be more than proud to work hard for him.”

Which is basically what you already knew if you read this, and pay no attention to the conflict obsessed television pundits. Primary voters may be impassioned now, but over the course of a campaign they will calm down, and similarities will prevail. Feminists, pro-choice advocates, and so on are not going to fail to support Obama, who as the article points out has an identical voting record to Hillary on issues like equal pay and abortion and who gets a 100 rating from groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood, just because he’s not a woman. And if you read between the lines, you could see that in Malcolm’s “angry” letter to NARAL this past week; it wasn’t that they endorsed Obama that she was upset about, it was that they didn’t “respect” Clinton and at least wait for the primaries to be over. The writing is already on the wall.