Does Sports Reporting Matter?


Now, visualize Larry King interviewing a sports reporter from Newsday, the Long Island newspaper recently purchased by Cablevision, which is controlled by the Dolan family. Cablevision owns Madison Square Garden (MSG), the Knicks basketball team, and the Rangers hockey team. Jim Dolan is the son of Cablevision founder Charles Dolan and runs MSG, the Knicks, and Rangers because he is a charter member of the media Lucky Sperm Club; not because he’s competent. How would a Newsday sports reporter respond to the question from Larry King, “What do you think about Jim Dolan?” Can you imagine the sports reporter exposing the man behind the curtain, telling the truth, and saying, “He’s a moron.”

Um, who gives a shit? We’ve got a media obsessed with poll numbers, flag pins, and superdelegates while 81% of the people think the country is on the wrong track. We have a collective punditry that represents the pinnacle of professional laziness, creating a half-assed narrative at the outset of the race and missing, ignoring, or burying anything that doesn’t fit the story, no matter how important afterwards. News media is being increasingly consolidated into fewer and fewer corporate owners, limiting the true number of information sources and, in some respect, injecting more partisan ideology into news. And I’m supposed to care if the guy on MSG Network is sufficiently critical of Jim Dolan’s basketball management skills?

Give me a break