Civil War?

Chuck Todd speculating on what next year holds in store for this year’s loser.

Frankly the idea of a “civil war” seems a bit hyperbolic. The GOP wouldn’t have much left to fight, and would probably just do what the right has reflexively done; run further to the right. You can see that even in 2006, when the right explained away the historic midterm losses by blaming it on conservatives “staying home”(running the math, more self identified conservatives voted in 2006 than in 2002) or telling themselves that Democrats won competitive races by pretending to be conservatives. They’ll probably rally to Mitt Romney in 2012, and President Obama would be re-elected rather easily.

As for the Democrats, they’d be working with a wide Congressional majority and the odds of picking up even more seats (and state apportionment boards) in 2010, a somewhat easy to work with President on issues like climate change, and a large enough majority to leverage their legislative agenda against the Republican President, so discontent would be somewhat minimized. Granted anger at losing what was thought to be a sure-fire Presidency would linger, but I suspect they would mostly exist between a self-important Clinton wing screaming “we told you so” and the activist left (and maybe even some older Democrats who are already skeptical about the Clintons’ concern for the party at large) who would inevitably blame Clinton for the loss. Ultimately a new Democratic coalition would probably emerge in the 2012 primary, but having, at least, a wide majority in Congress would make it a slightly less bitter pill to swallow.