Blue-Dogs Side with GOP, Block Webb’s GI Bill

From WaPo

The Blue Dogs have objected to the creation of a program that would guarantee veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan a year of in-state college tuition for each year served in the war zones. The Blue Dogs said the House had not found any additional money, through spending cuts or tax increases, to pay for the program, a violation of pay-as-you-go rules imposed by House Democrats in early 2007.

While I will generally try to shy away from taking on such partisan policy positions, this is a special case. While I am certainly sympathetic to the idea of keeping the budget, and more to the point the deficit, under control, it seems to be a bit of a misplaced concern when you draw the line at less than $1 billion over 2 years to make sure we’re taking care of the people who fight abroad FOR us…while taking a rather flippant attitude towards the cost of the war at large and other, much larger, programs.

To put it in some perspective, the proposal is equivalent to 1 day’s worth of spending in Iraq. While I applaud the general concern for the deficit as a rule, this is not the place to draw that line. No price is too much to pay to take care of our veterans, especially not such a, relatively, small amount. The Blue-Dogs could use a bit of perspective here.