Bill Clinton is Still Here

On the Michigan and Florida situation:

“I never thought it would be the Democratic Party that didn’t want to count votes in Florida,” he said at a rally at the University of Montana. “I thought that was a Republican strategy — or strategery as the case may be. And I just ask you all this, do you really believe Florida would be getting this kind of treatment if the vote had turned out the other way?”

It’s really sort of sad to see the downfall of one of the (believed) great political minds of the last generation lose it like this. What exactly is he trying to say, that the entire Democratic Party rigged the system to favor a freshman Senator with a funny name and screw one of the largest statured members of the party in the past half century out of the nomination?

But wait, there’s more:

For more than six minutes, Clinton went through the timeline of how both states lost their delegates, and who was to blame.

One wonders if he was able to remember Hillary signing the agreement that she would not campaign in either state, and that neither delegation would be seated.