That’s the phenomenon by which people (Michael Barone) pretend to be serious, entirely objective ananlysts of the political scece right before they feed you a loaded, distorted line of bullshit to hack up their side. Like this:

Evidence for this comes in the exit polls from the West Virginia and Kentucky primaries on May 13 and 20. In both, about half the voters — and these are voters in the Democratic primary — said that they believe Obama shares Wright’s views either somewhat or a lot. And slightly under 50 percent of these voters said that Obama is honest and trustworthy.

Like that woman caught on ABC unconvinced Obama isn’t a Muslim I’m sure.

The exit polls from Kentucky also bore out that slightly more than 1 in 10 voters admitted, essentially, that they wouldn’t vote for a black man for President. Go figure. And Barone even mananges to toss in a wholly unrelated Bill Ayers shout out at the end.