About Liberal Guilt

If you don’t read blogs incessantly like I do, you probably missed the ongoing discussion between Ross Douthat, Ezra Klein, and Ron Rosenbaum (indirectly of course) as to the virtue of “liberal guilt.”

I’d like to add (in an expounding upon of a point Ezra makes here) that I fundamentally reject the use of the word guilt. Its usage is fairly clearly a right-wing attempt to frame the issue through a prism of negative connotation. I feel guilty when I do something. I feel guilty when I tell my mom I’m going to call her and then it slips my mind. I don’t feel guilty when someone else does something bad to someone else. I may feel bad about it, I may feel like I should do something myself to make it right, but I don’t feel guilty about it. That isn’t to say I shouldn’t do something to make it right by any stretch.