20 Seats?

Politico reports that House Republicans are worried they could lose as many as 20 more seats in the chamber:

The Republican defeat in Tuesday’s special election in Mississippi, in a deeply conservative district where, in an average year, Democrats cannot even compete, was a clear sign that the GOP has the political equivalent of cancer that has spread throughout the body. Many House GOP operatives are privately predicting that the party could easily lose up to 20 seats this fall.

Combined with the 30 seats that the GOP lost in 2006, that would leave the party facing a 70-vote deficit against Democrats in the House — a state of powerlessness reminiscent of Republicans’ long wilderness years in the 1960s and ’70s.

When you account for potential Senate gains that could give the Democrats control of 55-58 seats (discounting Liebermann), the next President is going to have a staggering Democratic majority in Congress to work with, for better or worse.